How my wild flower garden came to be

This garden really evolved rather than any elaborate planning.  From the first small flower bed  that I planted at the front door about seven years ago to what it is today, has taken a lot of hard work, but it has been a real labour of love. There were already some wild flowers naturally growing under self-sown native birch trees like primroses, buttercups and honeysuckle.  I then gradually started managing the area clearing the builders’ rubble and pulling out brambles , thistles and docks and letting the ‘nice’ weeds take over.

The wild strawberries were a real surprise to find, but as I discovered how rampant they can grow they have been relegated to the really wild parts of the garden.  The earth is very boggy here and it is always a battle with the soft ground trying to keep it drained. But for all that, it was possible to grow roses perennials and annuals in abundance.