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bridesmaids bouquets
Bridesmaids bouquets

pots of wedding flowers outside bride's house
Below – church wedding flowers and wedding table posies

Church wedding flowers and wedding table posies - photos by Rafal Borek
Photos above courtesy of Rafal Borek Photographer, Sligo at wedding Sep 2015



Wild meadow style

Wedding posy bouquet whitewreath
Your flowers will be the best of what is in season, and completely unique to you.

wedding3277 edibleflowerarrangement wedding3
More and more brides are looking for something individual and personal to them, and nothing looks better than romantic country style garden flowers, vibrant, beautiful, and best of all real fragrance.


“Perfect for a summer wedding!”

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Simple, honest, old fashioned flowers
weddiingpicvert wedding3284cut weddingpicver2

Vintage, floral design, bang on trend!



Your flowers will reflect your own style and personality
sweetpea2 weddingpots red
Wild flower wedding bouquets are becoming increasingly popular.  You might worry that wild flowers equals “wilting in no time” but your flowers will be cut fresh and conditioned so that they will last well and stay beautiful for your special day.

Hanging globes of flowers are a lovely idea, especially for something like a marquee or a garden event, and can also be used indoors.

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